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Barrys IRONMAN Louisville Bike Course Review

PowerPoint, 22.5 MB

Coach Barry presented the above information on race day mental strategies and a review of the IRONMAN Louisville bike course and how to tackle each segment.

Barrys Official IRONMAN Louisville Presentation:

IRONMAN Louisville – Manage Your Brain. Manage the Course.

PowerPoint, 18.6 MB

Coach Barry Stokes was invited to speak after the official IRONMAN Louisville pre-race meeting. Here is his PowerPoint presentation containing mental coping skills and detailed information on the IRONMAN Louisville course not found anywhere else.

IRONMAN Louisville 2017 Webinar

Coach Barry and Coach Mike presented a Webinar for First time IRONMAN athletes on the official IRONMAN site.

Here is the PowerPoint presentation file available for download:

Download POWERPOINT File - 13MB

Audio available here registreation required

IRONMAN Louisville Bike Course Video

Follow the yellow dot as it makes it's way through the IRONMAN Louisville bike course. The Relive video is a satellite view and elevation profile of ONE LAP on the course. Video is 1:15 in length.

Relive Bike Course Video

NEW IRONMAN Louisville Bike Course

Coach Barry has posted his Garmin Connect profile of the new IRONMAN Louisville Bike Course. The biggest change is the out-and-back on 1694 is gone.

view Barrys profile

Here is the official Bike Course Map .

The IRONMAN Louisville Swim Course

Our own Coach Mike Jotautus has uploaded a time-lapse video of most of the swim course. The video is 1:58 in length and covers from near the start to beneath the second street bridge (the last bridge on course).

view video

Sighting Tips for the Swim Course »

Predict Your IRONMAN Swim Time

… or any distance for that matter

by Mike Jotautus

Last week I worked with an athlete who had an I'd be happy if… goal of completing the IRONMAN swim in 1:45. Continued…

Louisville Tri Club

2018 Whiskey 70.3 & Bourbon 140.6 IRONMAN Tour

First Time IRONMAN Athletes

Join us for 2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga, Olympic Tri Louisville & IRONMAN Louisville

Registration is OPEN and Space is Limited!

Learn More

IRONMAN Race Day Viewing and Party

Barrys Coaching clients and friends are invited to our bike viewing and Y'all It's a Party along the IRONMAN Louisville run course.

Details and directions can be downloaded here

Finishing Ironman Easier than Finishing This Ironman Story

By John Boel

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - They are fast, chiseled, thirsty, crazy and for the most part, the people who try the Ironman Triathlon are on the shy side of retirement age, with two good wheels.

Not coach Barry Stokes. Continued…

2017 Athlete Guide

The 2017 IRONMAN Louisville Athlete Guide is now available on the IRONMAN Louisville website.

IRONMAN Louisville Athlete Guide

Please be sure to read the guide prior to race week for important information regarding Athlete Check-In, course cut-offs, and much more. Hard copies of Athlete Guide will not be available onsite. Please plan on downloading these PDFs to your mobile device or printing out a copy for your reference.

Race Day Checklist

We have created a race day checklist that covers just about everything you will need for your first triathlon. We have also included a couple tips. continued…

See also: the race day walk-through.

Race Day Plan

As we head into the heart of race season the following link will take to you Race-Day Plan Sheets which may help you 1. organize your thoughts & plans for race day and 2. bring a bit of reinforcement & comfort to you mentally in the days leading up to the race. Thank you to Scott Fliegelman for putting the outline together. continued…

Race Day Walk-Through

The race-day walk through is a handy guide on what to expect on race day for newer triathletes and is applicable to any triathlon up to IM 70.3. continued…

See also: the race day checklist.

Coach Barry talks about focus on what you can control

IRONMAN Louisville Swim Start

Eric William proudly crossing the finish line IRONMAN Louisville

On the Ironman Louisville Bike Course
On the Ironman Louisville Run Course
On the Ironman Louisville Run Course
Coach Mike, Coach Barry and Coach Brian
Ironman Louisville Training Ride
Ironman Loyuisville Training Ride
Ironman Louissville Run Course
Ironman Louisville Run Course
Ride Not Going as Expected? Call Barrys Coaching

Countdown to
IRONMAN Louisville

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IRONMAN Certified Coach


Barry Stokes, USAT Level II Triathlon Coach

Barry Stokes

IRONMAN Certified Coach
USAT Level II Triathlon Coach
USAT Youth & Juniors Triathlon Coach
USAT&F Level I Track & Field Coach

Louisville, KY


Thanks for all you do! See you (for IRONMAN Louisville) in two weeks.

– Hannah

Thank you all so much for this weekend! Being from out of town, I wasn't sure how the weekend would go, and I was absolutely blown away by those of you I had a chance to meet! Thank you for being so welcoming, for being so patient with me on the bike, and for just being all around kind and fun to spend time with! I can see why you all love training together! I look forward to seeing you all again in October, and if any of you ever find yourselves in Richmond, VA, definitely let me know!!

– Lauren N.

So nice to meet some of you this weekend! Looking forward to coming back and riding the course again before race day-good luck in all your training!

– Hannah C.

I'm eternally grateful for all the coaching and advice that made my Ironman dream come true. I'll wear my Barry's Coaching kit with pride

– J.

Simply the Best Coach and Coaching Team around: BarryS Coaching Barry Stokes. Couldn't have done my IM 70.3 with out him!!!!

– B.A.J.

I was thinking about the race a year ago. I loved the happiness I felt driving home that day. It's still very fresh in my mind. It sure was nice having you out there supporting all the athletes!

– M.B.

Hey Barry, it's been a year since I started working with you and I'd like so say thank you for helping me along my triathlon journey. I'm amazed at the progress I've made and very excited to see what the next years hold. Thank you so much. I couldn't have done it with out you!!!!

– J.W.

I'm going to start hanging out places like the Utica Pike and Cherokee Park and tell everyone I see how Barry took me from couch to IRONMAN in six months.

– M.R.B.