Louisville Triathlon Club, Presented by BarryS Coaching

First Time IRONMAN Athletes:
Join us for the 2018 Whiskey 70.3 & Bourbon 140.6 IRONMAN Tour

(2018 IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga, Olympic Tri Louisville & IRONMAN Louisville)


  • IRONMAN Louisville A Race Specific Training Plan
  • IRONMAN Louisville + 70.3 Chattanooga + Olympic Distance Tri Louisville included in Training Plan
  • 1 annual membership fee
  • USAT & IRONMAN Sanctioned Club
  • USAT Membership required
  • IRONMAN Athlete Profile required
  • Early registration for 2018 IRONMAN Louisville Training Camps

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  • Extra Swim workouts w/Coached instruction virtually supplied regularly
  • Extra Strength workouts w/Coached instruction virtually supplied regularly
  • Detailed training plan specific to 70.3 Chattanooga, Tri Louisville Olympic Distance & IRONMAN Louisville developed by IRONMAN U Coach Barry
  • Discounted pricing for 1-2-1 Swim Stroke Video Analysis
    • Discounted pricing for Customized Swim Training Plan
    • “Virtual” - “Online” 1-2-1 Swim Stroke Analysis (requires athlete to submit and upload his/her video recording)
  • Discounted pricing for Run Gait Video Analysis
    • Discounted pricing for Customized Run Training Plan
    • “Virtual”- “Online” Run Gait Video Analysis (requires athlete to submit and upload his/her video recording)
  • Discounted pricing for Bike Power & Heart Rate Testing
    • Discounted pricing for Customized Bike Training Plan
  • WEBINARS – all will be led either by IRONMAN U & USAT Level II Certified Coach, Swim Smooth & USAT Level I Certified Coach or Ph. D., MD or Experts Specific to their topic of discussion
  • Webinar Pre-race 70.3 Chattanooga – detail the course, transition set-up, race strategy
  • Webinar in May 2018 IRONMAN Louisville – detail “The Bags”, transition, race week flow, what to expect race day and more.
  • Webinar in September 2018 IRONMAN Louisville – detail the Swim, Bike, Run Courses, Transition, Athlete Village, navigating the Race Week Stress, etc.
  • Monthly webinars – Training Block Specific Topics
    • Strength + Nutrition
    • Run & Cycling Strategy
    • Swim + Sighting & Drafting Techniques
    • The Importance of Sleep, Rest & Recovery
    • Race Day Specifics
  • Exclusive discounts to BarryS Coaching Sponsors – including Ken Combs Running Store, XTERRA Wetsuits, Rudy Project, Finnis Swimming, INFINIT Nutrition
  • Training plans will be delivered to Club Members via Training Peaks Account
  • Private Club Member Only Facebook Page monitored by BarryS Coaching Team of Coaches


$379 until December 31, 2017, 11:59 p.m.

$449 on January 1, 2018, 12:00 a.m.

About the Races

IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga is May 20, 2018. The first, Whiskey, leg of our Whiskey and Bourbon Tri Tour. IRONMAN 70.3 Chattanooga provides us an opportunity to check our fitness progression, our nutrition plan, gain experience in an ultradistance, several hours long, race and perhaps meet in person as a club for the first time.

Olympic Distance Tri Louisville is June 10, 2018. The second, Bourbon, leg of our Whiskey and Bourbon Tri Tour. Tri Louisville will provide many with their first and perhaps only opportunity to swim part of the IRONMAN Louisville Swim Course. Tri Louisville is a first class Olympic Distance Race. While the bike and run courses are not a part of the IRONMAN Louisville course while in Louisville we can tour both the bike and run courses giving participants an opportunity to begin formalizing bike and run training routes when they head home.

IRONMAN Louisville is October 14, 2018. The main event, BOURBON of the Whiskey and Bourbon Tri Tour. This is show time – What we’ve been training for! What all the webinars have been about! We will be race day ready!

The Coaches

Coach Brian Williams, Murray KY – has been a USAT Level I Coach for 3 years. He also is a USMS Certified Coach. Coach Brian has coached many successful athletes to finished in 70.3, Olympic & Sprint Distance Races. Coach Brian runs a successful Masters Swim Program in Murray.

Coach Mike Jotautas, Louisville KY – has been a USAT Level I Coach for 6 years. He is a Swim Smooth Certified Swim Coach and USMS Level III Coach. He is the Head Coach of our TriMasters Swimming program in Louisville; offering Squad training, 1-2-1 Video Analysis, Group Clinics and Open Water Skills sessions based on Swim Smooth methods. Coach Mike has successfully trained many triathletes and open water swimmers over all distance of Triathlon and open water swims of 5k and up in the past 6 years. In 2017 Coach Mike and his athletes completed the Swim Around Charleston – a 12-mile Open Water marathon swim in Charleston, SC (Coach Mike was the first overall male athlete to finish the race!). Coach Mike is a full time Triathlon and Swim Coach.

Coach Barry Stokes, Louisville KY – has been coaching for 11-years. Coach Barry is a USAT Level II, IRONMAN U, USAT&F Certified Coach. He’s approaching 200-IRONMAN Athlete Finishers and is very proud of that. Coach Barry has experience on his side with 7 successful IRONMAN races completed, including Hawaii and Korea, as well as many IRONMAN 70.3 races along with years of shorter distance racing. Coach Barry has, for many years, led a Bike Training Week in Moab UT in conjunction with the Moab, UT Skinny Tire Festival.  If you want to get ready for an early season Triathlon – come to Moab with us for a week of bike training! Coach Barry is accomplished at building high value, big impact training plans. The Club Plan will be no different. Coach Barry is a full time Triathlon Coach.

Coach Mike and Coach Barry run the most successful in-season Open Water Swim Skills Development & Swim Fitness Program in our Region with over 200 swimmers now having completed the OWS Program – each of whom have successfully navigated the rigors of Triathlon’s Open Water Swims.


Barry Stokes, USAT Level II Triathlon Coach

Barry Stokes

IRONMAN Certified Coach
USAT Level II Triathlon Coach
USAT Youth & Juniors Triathlon Coach
USAT&F Level I Track & Field Coach

Louisville, KY