Mike Jotautas
USAT Level I Triathlon Coach
Louisville, KY

USAT Level I Triathlon Coach Mike Jotautas

Mike Jotautas

USAT Level I Triathlon Coach
USMS Level 3 Swim Coach

Louisville, KY


USA Triathlon Level II Certified CoachUS Masters Swimming Level II Certified Coach

Mike grew up in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, a suburb of Toronto. He got his start in the sport of swimming at age 9. Through the years as a young age-group swimmer, he rose through the ranks to become a top competitor on the national level in Canadian swimming. Mike also competed at the Canadian Olympic Trials in 2000 and 2004.

In 1999 he was recruited by American colleges and signed to swim at Louisiana State University. There, Mike specialized in butterfly and backstroke sprint stroke events, as well as relays. Highlights of his collegiate career include swimming to All-American status as a member of the 200 and 400 medley relays at the 2003 NCAA National Championships, and assisting the Tigers with a top-20 national ranking.

After finishing his competitive swimming career, Mike coached at Sewanee: The University of the South, where he assisted in all aspects of coaching and managing a collegiate swim team.

Mike began running and cycling after his departure from competitive swimming. He completed multiple century rides, a marathon, and dozens of half-marathons, 5k's, and 10k's, before moving into the sport of triathlon. After being asked by multiple friends and acquaintances in the triathlon community for swimming and stroke instruction, it became apparent that there was a significant need for triathlon-focused swim coaching. Mike is an USAT Level 1 and USMS (United States Masters Swimming) Level 3 certified coach.

Mike and his wife Alice, son John, and daughter Victoria currently live in Louisville, KY.

Mike's Training Articles

3 Keys to Improve Your Triathlon Swim

By training your weakness as a triathlete, you get to race your strengths more effectively.

At TriMasters Swimming we match our season and training cycle according to the North American triathlon season. Continued…

Visualization: A Critical Aspect of Improved Training and Racing

Visualization has many names: guided imagery, mental rehearsal, mediation -- no matter the term, the basic techniques and concepts are the same. Generally speaking, visualization is the process of creating a mental image of what you want to happen, how you want to feel and aid your ability to focus and relax. continued…

Tackling Open Water

As we get ready to head into triathlon season, one of the common fears that sometimes holds people back from racing is swimming in open water. But with some practice and preparation, fear of open water can be overcome.

Coach Mike has five things that he believes will be helpful for athletes who are starting to think about open water swimming. continued…

How to Swim Faster

Juggling all the training required for a triathlon isn't easy, especially when also trying to balance it with time for family and friends as well as work.

With limited time for each of the three disciplines, triathletes often find themselves wondering how they can devote the time they need to become faster swimmers. continued…

7 Steps: From Non-Swimmer to Triathlon Swimmer

Often one of the barriers to triathlons is the swim. It’s not uncommon to hear new members of the Landsharks lament that they would be ready to bike and run, but haven't built the confidence or skill needed to tackle the swim leg of a race.

For adults, often this fear or discomfort in the water is even more daunting, as adults feel swimming is a skill they should have picked up during their youth. continued…

TriMasters Swimming

TriMasters Swimming

The swim start for Ironman Maryland entered the water via a boat ramp. The first 20-50 meters was not much wider than said ramp, so by the time us back of the packers got into the water it was churned up and chaotic. About 3 strokes in I completely hyperventilated. Breast stroked to the first buoy, grabbed a kayak and settled down. Despite all that, I completed the swim in 1:52, which for me is an excellent time. So thanks for running the open water clinic this summer. They made a world of difference in my open water swims.
– John U.
Mike is an amazing swim coach! no matter what your skill level is…He will make you better.
– Mike P.
Mike Jotautas not only is super professional, he is so kind that I never feel as stupid as I'm sure I look, and he also makes me laugh with his demonstrations. Which is important!
– Amber K.
I would've never completed a triathlon or even thought I could if it wasn't for Mike. I couldn't swim and was terrified of water when we started working together. He's an amazing coach and I'm thankful to be working with him.
– Jennifer S.
I started with swim lessons one year ago. Could barely swim 25 meters without sucking wind. Did a 1000 meter test today, no sucking wind and thought after I was done, I coulda gone faster! Thanks coach Mike Jotautas!
– Kristin S.
Mike is a true professional and gentleman with a big patience hat.
– Bob H.

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