Gold Level Personalized Triathlon Coaching


BarryS Coaching Gold Level Personalized Triathlon Coaching for Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman® or Ironman® triathlons is structured to fit your goals, lifestyle and work schedule. Training plan will be adjusted every two weeks to accommodate your busy schedule.

1Initiated by Client.
2Set up fee required. Receive 50% discount on set up fee by pre-paying for 6 months coaching.
330-day written notice is required for cancellation of coaching services.
Service Gold Level Personalized Triathlon Coaching
  • Detailed workouts including time and/or distances to be covered
  • Correct heart rate zones derived from professional testing
  • Additional workout details customized to the athletes needs
Plan Updated Every two weeks
Phone Contact1 1 call per week. Replies within 48 hours.
Email & Text Message1 2 each per week. Replies within 48 hours.
Workouts Posted Yes. TRAININGPEAKS Basic Account
TRAININGPEAKS Feedback Unlimited
Fitness Testing Yes. Monthly
Nutrition Guidance Yes. Training and Racing
Race Taper Plan Yes
Race Strategy Meetings Yes
Post-Race Recovery Plan Yes
Set Up2 Includes:
  • Coach supervised swim test & evaluation
  • Bike HR & power test
  • Run HR & fitness test
  • Run lactate threshold test – optional, for an additional fee
  • Run video analysis – optional, for an additional fee
  • Past training & race result evaluation
  • Future goal development
  • Goal race selection & prioritization
  • TRAININGPEAKS Basic Account set-up
Apparel Race wear, short sleeve performance shirt and hat – available at cost
Pricing Contact Coach Barry
Minimum Commitment3 3 months


Barry Stokes, USAT Level II Triathlon Coach

Barry Stokes

IRONMAN Certified Coach
USAT Level II Triathlon Coach
USAT Youth & Juniors Triathlon Coach
USAT&F Level I Track & Field Coach

Louisville, KY


Fresh, Fun & Focused Triathlon & Endurance Coaching

Whether your goal is to complete a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon, compete at the Ironman Louisville® triathlon, run a marathon or climb Mt. Rainer, Louisville, KY based triathlon Coach Barry Stokes and his team keeps your triathlon & endurance training Fresh, Fun & Focused!

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