Silver Level Personalized Triathlon Coaching


BarryS Coaching Silver Level Personalized Triathlon Coaching for Sprint, Olympic, Half-Ironman® or Ironman® triathlons is structured to fit your goals, lifestyle and work schedule. Training plan will be adjusted monthly to accommodate your schedule.

1Initiated by Client.
2Set up fee required. Receive 50% discount on set up fee by pre-paying for 6 months coaching.
330-day written notice is required for cancellation of coaching services.
Service Silver Level Personalized Triathlon Coaching
  • Detailed workouts including time and/or distances to be covered
  • Correct heart rate zones derived from professional testing
  • Additional workout details customized to the athletes needs
Plan Updated Monthly
Phone Contact1 1 per month. Replies within 72 hours.
Email & Text Message1 1 per week. Replies within 72 hours.
Workouts Posted Yes. Training Peaks Basic Account
Training Peaks Feedback Optional
Fitness Testing Yes. Semi-Annual
Nutrition Guidance Yes. Training and Racing
Race Taper Plan Yes
Race Strategy Meetings Yes
Post-Race Recovery Plan Yes
Set Up2 Includes:
  • Coach supervised swim test & evaluation
  • Bike HR & power test
  • Run video analysis – optional, for an additional fee
  • Past training & race result evaluation
  • Future goal development
  • Goal race selection & prioritization
  • basic account set-up
Apparel Race wear, short sleeve performance shirt and hat – available at cost
Pricing Contact Coach Barry
Minimum Commitment3 3 months


Barry Stokes, USAT Level II Triathlon Coach

Barry Stokes

IRONMAN Certified Coach
USAT Level II Triathlon Coach
USAT Youth & Juniors Triathlon Coach
USAT&F Level I Track & Field Coach

Louisville, KY


Fresh, Fun & Focused Triathlon & Endurance Coaching

Whether your goal is to complete a sprint or Olympic distance triathlon, compete at the Ironman Louisville® triathlon, run a marathon or climb Mt. Rainer, Louisville, KY based triathlon Coach Barry Stokes and his team keeps your triathlon & endurance training Fresh, Fun & Focused!