TriMasters Swim Lessons

BarryS Coaching TriMasters Swimming is currently scheduling swim lessons for adults in 1 hour blocks. You will receive triathlon specific swim coaching from Coach Mike Jotautas. All TriMasters swim lessons will be scheduled at the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center. No pool admission fee is charged for swim lessons unless you stay to swim following the lesson.

Single Private Swim Lesson $95
3 pack $255 save $30.00
SWIM LESSONS with Assistant Coach Andrew Magazine
Single 30 Minute Lesson $55
Single 60 Minute Lesson $80
3 pack $225

Back in late April when I first met Mike, I was winded after swimming 25 yards. A few weeks ago I finished my first Olympic Triathlon including the 1500 meter swim! I could not have done that without Mike and the support of Barry’s Coaching! While I was not the fastest in my wave, I felt prepared and confident when I was in the water. From day one, Mike and Barry have been welcoming and made me feel like I was part of the team. I would recommend Barry’s Coaching to anyone considering their first triathlon!

– Ken K.
I began working with Mike Jotautas when I got tired of seeing little to no improvement in my swim times and watching my entire age group finish ahead of me during the swim portion of triathlons. Mike videoed me in the pool and showed me what was working and what was not. He taught me drills and workouts which immediately improved my swimming. Over time Mike's guidance not only helped change the way I swim, but also the way I feel about swimming. Thanks to Mike's lessons I went from floundering in the pool to confident and comfortable in the water.
– Julio D.
Mike is an amazing swim coach! no matter what your skill level is…He will make you better.
– Mike P.
Mike Jotautas not only is super professional, he is so kind that I never feel as stupid as I'm sure I look, and he also makes me laugh with his demonstrations. Which is important!
– Amber K.
I would've never completed a triathlon or even thought I could if it wasn't for Mike. I couldn't swim and was terrified of water when we started working together. He's an amazing coach and I'm thankful to be working with him.
– Jennifer S.
I started with swim lessons one year ago. Could barely swim 25 meters without sucking wind. Did a 1000 meter test today, no sucking wind and thought after I was done, I coulda gone faster! Thanks coach Mike Jotautas!
– Kristin S.
Mike is a true professional and gentleman with a big patience hat.
– Bob H.

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Mike Jotautas, USAT Level I Triathlon Coach

Mike Jotautas

USAT Level I Triathlon Coach
USMS Level 3 Swim Coach

Louisville, KY


FINIS Swim Gear

BarryS Coaching is very pleased to announce we are now a provider of FINIS swim gear. Call, Text, E-mail one of our USAT, Ironman and USMS Certified Coaches to receive our 20% off discount code when next you need to order high quality swim gear! Visit the FINIS website for a look at all the products offered. Two of our favorites are the Agility Hand Paddles and the newly introduced EDGE Swim Fins. Good Swimming!

FINIS - Simplify Swimming

Coach Mike on deck at Blairwood

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