TriMasters Swimming, a Swim Smooth certified program,
presented by BarryS Coaching

The TriMasters Swimming program, presented by BarryS Coaching, provides triathletes and all swimmers the opportunity to improve their technique, their comfort in the water, and their speed in the water.

How do you know which TriMasters Swimming program is right for you?

How to overcome a panic attack in open water?

Mike JotautasMike is a life-long swimmer and competed the national level in his native country of Canada, ranking in the top-5 in backstroke events as an age-grouper and competing in the Canadian Olympic Trials in 2000 and 2004. He also reached NCAA Div-1 All-American status in his university swimming career in the USA.

Mike has coached a variety of levels since beginning his coaching career in 2004, including small children, Club/Age-Group swimmers, and Collegiate level swimmers. He earned his USA Triathlon Level 1 and Youth & Juniors certifications in 2012 and and joined BarryS Coaching as an assistant multi-sport coach. He is also a U.S. Masters Swimming Level 3 Coach.

In 2014 Mike and Coach Barry Stokes created TriMasters Swimming to support the under-served and under-coached niche of triathlon swimming. He was introduced to Swim Smooth in 2014 in search of better coaching tools help his athletes in the water. In 2016 he attended a 3-Day Swim Smooth Coaches clinic in Cocoa Beach, Florida, then the 2-week training in Perth in January 2017.

Mike's passion is in teaching adults how to swim freestyle for triathlon and the open water, and you'll experience the Swim Smooth philosophy of coach the athlete, not the stroke underscored in all of Mike's coaching.

7 Steps: From Non-Swimmer to Triathlon Swimmer

Often one of the barriers to triathlons is the swim. It’s not uncommon to hear new members of the Landsharks lament that they would be ready to bike and run, but haven’t built the confidence or skill needed to tackle the swim leg of a race.

For adults, often this fear o r discomfort in the water is even more daunting, as adults feel swimming is a skill they should have picked up during their youth. continued…

Open Water Swimming Registration for 2019 Now Open

Seasonal: May-September.

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TriMasters Swim Squad Sessions

at Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center

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TriMasters Swim Lessons

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1-2-1 Video Analysis

The 1-2-1 video analysis is a 75-90 minute swim stroke analysis and correction session filmed in hi-def digital both above and below the water, with on-deck computer-aided analysis and correction.

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Mike Jotautas, USAT Level I Triathlon Coach

Mike Jotautas

USAT Level I Triathlon Coach
USMS Level 3 Swim Coach

Louisville, KY


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TriMasters Swimming

Mike is an amazing swim coach! no matter what your skill level is…He will make you better.
– Mike P.
Mike Jotautas not only is super professional, he is so kind that I never feel as stupid as I'm sure I look, and he also makes me laugh with his demonstrations. Which is important!
– Amber K.
I would've never completed a triathlon or even thought I could if it wasn't for Mike. I couldn't swim and was terrified of water when we started working together. He's an amazing coach and I'm thankful to be working with him.
– Jennifer S.
I started with swim lessons one year ago. Could barely swim 25 meters without sucking wind. Did a 1000 meter test today, no sucking wind and thought after I was done, I coulda gone faster! Thanks coach Mike Jotautas!
– Kristin S.
Mike is a true professional and gentleman with a big patience hat.
– Bob H.